Concept Phase

Pellcon Technical Services can continue to support to E&P Operators during Concept Phase to ensure company objectives are clearly and properly framed, and the work scopes are understood by the engineering contractor engaged to perform the Concept Phase engineering.  Pellcon Engineers will keep the Engineering Contractor focused on maintaining efficient engineering which is often difficult during the Concept Phase due to some fluidity in scope. 

Maximize Value from the Engineering Contractor Services

  • Ensure engineering contractor deliverables are adequate in terms of scope and quality for concept phase consistent with the project class and E&P Operator expectations, particularly with regard to safety reviews/studies
  • Manage the engineering contractor through the Concept Phase, to ensure process options selection is balanced:
    • rapidly screen and eliminate options not likely to be viable
    • encourage the engineering contractor to "step outside of normal business practices" so as not to exclude innovative non standard solutions
  • Identify opportunities to Front End Load, i.e. more extensive development of engineering on those design aspects which may realize reduced risk to the project
  • Identify opportunities to add value to the project in this or subsequent phases, for example design reviews or studies with objectives to simplify the process, optimize capacity, optimize energy usage or improve waste stream quality to minimize complications with regulatory approvals 


Economic Evaluation Support

  • Develop capital and operating (fixed/variable) expenditure estimates
  • On larger projects direct and manage the engineering contractor in the development of the capital and operating (fixed/variable) expenditure estimates
  • Perform preliminary lifecycle cost analysis, or support the E&P Operator in the project economics assessment


Preparation for FEED Phase:

  • Prequalification of engineering  contractors
  • Engineering contractor proposal evaluation
  • Develop technical scope for the FEED contract