FEED Phase

Pellcon Engineers can continue to support E&P Operators as the engineering becomes more defined.  Contributions typical of Pellcon Engineers are outlined below. 

Technical Oversight on Engineering Contractor 

Pellcon Engineers can assist E&P Operators in the control of a project during the engineering design steps by providing technical over sight of the primary engineering contractor throughout the FEED Phase.  Pellcon Engineers support may include:

  • Ensuring Concept Phase outcomes and objectives are accurately developed in FEED
  • The design retains performance requirements consistent with project objectives, in all aspects
  • Participate in key meetings such as design reviews, safety studies and vendor discussions
  • Review engineering deliverables for compliance with project technical objectives, quality and process safety requirements
  • Ensure interfaces with licensed technology providers are adequate to ensure an integrated design


Economic Evaluation Support

  • Develop capital and operating (fixed and variable component) expenditure estimates
  • On larger projects direct and manage the engineering contractor in the development of the capital and operating expenditure estimates
  • Perform preliminary lifecycle cost analysis, or support the E&P Operator in the project economics assessment


Value Improvement Oversight

Ensure adequate consideration is given to improving project value,  in terms of addressing typical  Value Improvement Processes, such as

  • Class of Facility Process Selection/ Optimization  
  • Design to capacity
  • Energy Optimization
  • Waste Minimization