Scoping and Feasibility Studies

The Initiation Phase, where a business opportunity is identified and formulated, necessarily requires skilled engineering to allow the opportunity to be assessed by formulating a broad concept and initial high level economic evaluation, as well as the formulation of a rough project road map.  Pellcon Technical Services can add value, to ensure the E&P Operator objectives are clearly defined, and development benefits quantified.  Large engineering contractor organizations are often not well suited to supporting the Initiation Phase, by virtue of somewhat inflexible work processes, or that their resource skills are not well aligned with the type of contribution required.  Pellcon Engineers is a small consultancy, offering resources with both operating company and engineering contractor experience able to work closely with the E&P Operator to define and shape an opportunity, identifying and systematically screening technical options to best meet the development objective.

Whilst the level of consultant involvement required by an E&P Operator may differ depending on the nature of a particular project, Pellcon Engineers is typically involved with the following activities during the initiation phase:

Wellstream Compositional Assessments 

  • Ascertain product stream quality, quantity and value
  • Identify contaminants for removal and define effluents and emissions  
  • Identify primary processing requirements


Check out the Gas Processing Plant Project located in Egypt which utilized Membrane technology for acid gas removal. A detailed analysis of the wellstream composition was undertaken not only preliminary sizing of new processing plant required, but also to achieve the two objectives of minimizing the quantity of hydrocarbon condensate handled by 3rd party processors to minimize the value of product metering disputes, and to maximize E&P Operator production and processing operational flexibility.


Technology Licensor Interfacing

The process industry trend is for design of complex equipment to be performed by the equipment vendor, not the primary engineering contractor.  Consequently the technology knowledge for key equipment most often resides with the equipment vendor rather than the engineering contractor, hence it is essential that the E&P Operator establishes communication with vendors directly, and that such communication is initiated early in the design process.  Pellcon Technical Services can assist E&P Operators in the selection and design of technically complex equipment by:

  • Interfacing with licensed technology vendors to ensure the design needs, and long term operational needs of a proprietary process is well understood and matched to the project requirements. 
  • Market surveys to ensure the engineering contractor has cast a wide enough net in sourcing vendors for consideration
  • Evaluation of technology vendor proposals
  • Assisting the Engineering Contractor with integrating vendor designs in to the project compliant with  E&P Operator needs


Formulation of Development Strategy

  • Identify and screen options to meet the overall development strategy
  • Process selection, including interfacing with licensed technology vendors
  • Preliminary capital expenditure
  • Preliminary operating expenditure
  • Preliminary economic analysis


Preparation for Concept Phase

  • Prequalification of Engineering  Contractors
  • Engineering Contractor proposal evaluation
  • Development of technical scope for the contract for engaging  the primary engineering contractor


Pellcon Engineers Deliverables

  • PFDs
  • Equipment List
  • Equipment Load Sheets
  • Heat and Material Balances
  • Process Selection Report
  • Utilities Summary
  • Cost Estimate