Gas Project Summary

We have included a selection of gas projects and studies undertaken by Pellcon Engineers resources (
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Title Project Description Project Date Project Value Ref Numbersort ascending
Large Field Compression Study-Egpyt

The requirement for field boot compression was identified for a large 3 Tcf gas field currently...

Concept Study completed Jun 2010


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Approx $190 MM USD  (Compression component only, including gathering station modifications)


Gas Processing Plant-Canada-Membrane Acid Gas Removal

Major gas development, to extract and process shale gas from two large gas reserves located in northern Canada.  The gas,...

Concept Engineering Completed December 2014


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Estimated Project Value (Processing Plant Only) $1.9B USD


Gas Processing Plant-Egypt-Membrane Acid Gas Removal

Expansion of existing gas processing  plant, to install an additional  2 x  118,000 Sm3/h (100 mmscfd) acid gas removal trains and associated facilities, 2...

Plant Commissioned: 2009


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Approximate Project Value  $400 MM USD


Gas Processing Plant-Egypt-Benfield Acid Gas Removal

Processing plant, 2 x 248,000 Sm3/h (210 mmscfd) acid gas removal trains and 3 x 33% export compression trains to an export pressure of 101 bara, to process...

Plant Commissioned  2000


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Project Value $169 MM USD